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How To Paint Your Window Blinds

Prior to painting your blinds make sure to clean it first. Wiping your blinds with moist fine cloth on regular basis will keep them clean. Another way is to wet them with soapy water and rinse with the water head, be sure to place it outdoors to make it dry.

Clean marks on slats using window cleaner. Then spray every portion of the slat for a couple of minutes before wiping it with a fine cloth. Areas which are not noticeable should be check first before cleaning the blinds with cloth. Soft brush vacuum cleaner is also an alternative in cleaning your Wood blinds orange county. It is done by making your blinds lower down and makes the slats close. It will appear that your one hand will hold the vacuum and the other is to hold the blind. This will prevent harming the slats.

Painting your blinds is a great experience it adds color to your windows and rooms with amazing bright shades. When painting your blinds cover the areas with paper which aren't included, this will surely make the blinds job perfectly painted.

Nail a strip of wood for a couple of inches across the end of a barrel it will take two barrels to make two benches for you to lean the blinds on. And place them far from each other in order that the ends of the blinds will lean on the sticks on the barrel ends. Rest the blinds flatly down the do the painting on the sides of slats near ends and along the inside stiles.

Stiles and Bars must be smoothen then paint endings of the slats but before that make sure the the blinds are turn on one edge. Then paint the adjusting rod and the slats and eventually paint the bars and stiles. Be sure not to put so much paint in the sockets of the slats to avoid hard foldings and it will be easy to adjust. After the painting, keep the slats open.

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